New Airwheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter Online Sale

New Airwheel Self balancing electric scooter Online Sale

New Airwheel Self balancing electric scooter Online Sale
With the growing popularity of smart self balancing electric scooters, a variety of different types of balancing electric scooters have begun to appear. Last year, Airwheel in order to solve the problem of balancing electric scooter learning difficulties, introduced its first station to sit free to switch the attitude of multi-balance riding scooter AirwheelS6, get a better response to the market. Recently, in the just-concluded German CeBIT show, Airwheel launched a multi-posture balancing electric scooter 2.0 version – AirwheelS8, to further optimize the details, once again with the power of science and technology, so that people enjoy the smart life better.

Through the balancing electric scooter AirwheelS8 product map, we can very intuitive understanding that it has done some changes, one of the most notable is the change of control rod. Originally, AirwheelS6 the control rod is straight, the color value is not elegant. The AirwheelS8 is to change the design of such a control rod, straightened to the song, not only more beautiful lines mellow, and sitting when riding steering operating experience and more comfortable.
You can also find, AirwheelS8 smart balance wheel is also a big circle, 10-inch tire size, to better adapt to a variety of road conditions, so that your city travel more casual with ease. It is difficult to judge from the appearance, AirwheelS8 electric balancing electric scooter tire type is also different with the AirwheelS6, it is the choice of air tire instead of solid tire, riding to get better damping effect.
Perhaps, AirwheelS8 balancing electric scooter compared to the 1.0 version of the AirwheelS6 and not too many groundbreaking changes, but more details of the optimization and design, but can give users a more comfortable, fun and efficient travel experience. AirwheelS8 cushion components have also been optimized, not only the center of gravity back to be adjusted, cushion shape and hardness of the line has also been adjusted, so that people can experience the ride can also greatly enhance the comfort.
Airwheel has also been planning, and look forward to it can rely on the details of the micro-innovation, to bring us a better ride experience.