Segway Swagtron T1 Hoverboard Review

It’s at long last here! The Swagtron T1 is the primary UL 2272 affirmed Hoverboard available. It is the first of two fresh out of the box new hoverboard models by Swagway, the organization that presented to you the Swagway X1. In the event that you wanna know more about what is a hoverboard or how hoverboards function, look at our articles on those points.
After the hoverboard fires that tormented the chinese-made hoverboards previously, UL 2272 accreditation was set up to ensure that these new devices are sheltered. ULStandards investigates hoverboards for development quality and execution, and after that does mechanical, electrical and ecological tests, to guarantee that the hoverboard utilizes quality parts that won’t bring on any risk regardless of the possibility that the battery is cheated, or if the hoverboard is hit. For more data about the hoverboard fires, read our article about it.

The Swagtron T1 is the principal hoverboard that is accessible for buy online to have met all the ULStandards’ necessities. Along these lines, if wellbeing is your fundamental concern, you can rest guaranteed that this hoverboard is totally sheltered.


The Swagtron T1 is a strong, well-assembled, flexible hoverboard. It has a lot of force, and truly precise gyrators that get on each subtlety of your developments. Give us a chance to say as of now, this is by a long shot the most responsive hoverboard we’ve ever tried.

In case you’re into that kind of thing, here are the Tech Specs for the Swagtron T1:


In the Swagtron T1 and T3 include two new security advances created by Swagway to make their sheets the most secure available. We should investigate them:

Safe Stop Technology – This framework intends to take out falls brought on by the battery all of a sudden biting the dust on you. What it does is it makes the hoverboard beep with a notice flag when it recognizes that the battery level is too low, and it restricts the top speed of the hoverboard, so that in the event that you do keep riding it, the sudden stop won’t be as jerky or sudden. This is a truly decent element that officially spared us many falls.

SentryShield – The Lithium-Ion batteries that the Swagtron uses are now more secure than the batteries utilized by chinese organizations, in that Swagway just uses excellent materials. On top of that, the Swagtron has covered the batteries on the T1 and T3 in an aluminum packaging which guarantees that, regardless of the possibility that the battery ought to fall flat or cheat, it won’t burst into flames. This is a wonderful component for additional genuine feelings of serenity.

The Swagtron T1 rides like a fantasy. Unquestionably the best hoverboard we’ve ever tried as far as responsiveness, turning pace, and top speed. The ride is super smooth. Obviously, the 6.5 crawl wheels won’t go over huge splits or grass as effectively as the 10 creep inflatable feels worn out on a Skque hoverboard, however that will be normal. The ride is rich smooth as the whirligigs in the Swagtron T1 are beat quality.

Swagway has been one of the spearheading organizations in the hoverboard amusement, it’s still the big cheese similarly as we’re concerned. The presentation of the Swagtron T1 truly made the hoverboard what it should’ve been in any case, and we can’t prescribe it enough!

The hard ABS packaging is considerably more scratch safe than the Swagway X1, and, if utilizing the included silicon wheel curve defenders, the Swagtron is truly the most sturdy hoverboard available. Simply ensure that you don’t ride it too hard over enormous crevices or knocks, as that will scratch up the underside of the board, and conceivably harm it.

Moreover, with the magnificent wellbeing highlights that Swagway presented, we consider the Swagtron the main hoverboard we would prescribe to purchase for your kids.